• The Sheer Skill of Scott Herckis

  • Posted on October 25, 2017
  • For a good many years, Scott Herckis worked in accounting and finance with companies in the fashion and apparel industry. Throughout that time, he held many different positions, with a whole lot of responsibility. At various times, he has been a controller, Vice President of finance and even chief financial officer. That level of experience is what makes Scott Herckis and his very own firm, SJH Financial, one of the most unique and special financial counseling firms anywhere.
    Scott Herckis
    Above all else, Scott Herckis is a communications specialist, having demonstrated the ability to get his point across to his clients in a way that makes them understand what they are doing and why. Scott operate from the perspective that financial advice has no value if the person receiving it has either can’t use it or has no idea why using it is a good idea. That’s why communication is of paramount importance to Scott Herckis. He and the other counselors at SJH Financial don't just advise clients as to how they can make money; they fully explain why their advice is better and how it leads to a better business strategy.

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